Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Today is the day for lovers, I hope that you have been having a very happy day!

On my way into work this morning I heard a discussion about the "history" behind Valentines Day. The story goes something like this...

The Roman Emperor, Claudius the Cruel, was convinced that his soldiers would be more willing to fight if they didn't have loved ones at home so he banned engagements and marriages in Rome. Our Saint Valentine secretly continued to marry couples, unfortunately his kind deed was found out and he was sentenced a horrible death.

The story goes that he was killed on the 14th day of February, and before his execution he sent a note to the jailers daughter and signed it "your Valentine"

So today we celebrate the celebration of lovers on this day.

The photo I have attached to this post is from my giveaway for the One World, One Heart that ended today. I send you and your families very Happy Valentines Day wishes!

My son and I baked Strawberry Cupcakes from the recipe that Farmchick posted on her site. We baked last night and brought them in this morning. They were very well received by his class, yummy!

Since I haven't won the lottery yet, we still have to go to work every day, enough said.

My wonderful hubby and I will have a nice dinner on Saturday (with grandma as the babysitter). What could be better?

Why not share a little bit of your day or valentine plans?

Over the next few weeks I will begin posting some of the pictures I have taken and share with you the joy I get in the pictures I take.

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