Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Looks like tonight (February 20th) is the last total lunar eclipse until 2010, so take a gander if you get the chance. It looks like you might be able to see Saturn too, and if you have a telescope you can probably see Saturn's rings too.

From what I have read,

"A total lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon passes into Earth's shadow and is blocked from the sun's rays that normally illuminate it. During an eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon line up, leaving a darkened moon visible to observers on the night side of the planet."

It is supposed to last about an hour and on the East Coast of North America we can see it at 10:00 pm EST. On the West Coast they can expect to see it at 7:00 pm.

Information has been excerpted from Yahoo!News, Lunar eclipse to Occur Wednesday Night.

I hope you get a chance to see this total lunar eclipse!


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